Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Simon Kitchen & Bar

I thought I would start our blog off with this post only because this has been one of our favorite places for a really long time. Some of the pictures are new and some are from awhile ago. When I met my friend Tony he worked here, and his sister Ashley was the pastry chef at Simon Las Vegas. I have enjoyed myself every time I've dined here. My friend Meghan and I would sometimes just hang out at the bar and order a few appetizers. My favorite forever and always will be, the truffled tuscan fries. I know, I know french fries? Well let us just tell you, they're the best french fries I've ever had! Make sure if you order them you ask for the truffle oil! Kerry Simon won iron chef and I think those french fries where part of one of his dishes if I remember correctly! This place is a lot of fun. And the new pool side at the palms is absolutely gorgeous. The sushi bar and the indoor fireplace lounge area is very chic and romantic.