Sunday, February 22, 2009


One of the best dining experiences I've ever had. This was my choice for Valentines Day diner.
This is how you know you had a good diner,...When there isn't one thing you didn't enjoy and everything you tried was really delicious. When it comes to sushi sometimes it's hard to have your taste buds surprised in a good way- this place did just that.
The service was what I wish every place to be like! Our sushi came out pretty fast. Our waitress, Natasha was really nice. When we asked what she liked best she didn't just say the most expensive items she mentioned a few different choices. Also every plate we ordered she knew what it was and explained the dish to us when she brought it out!

Chef Fuji offers sushi "classes" (sushi and sake sessions). Our dinner orders where so beautiful we're defiantly considering taking a class, I'm sure we'd learn a thing or two! I was reading online that chef Fuji is the only master sushi chef in all of Nevada (this may or may not be true).

One fact is that all of our fish was fresh, beautifully prepared, and delicious! The kobe beef short ribs where very savory. Our favorite item was the Tropical Salmon Sushi Roll: tuna, avocado, rolled with salmon, sliced mango, and a squeeze of lemon. The salmon and mango blended in both taste and texture so well, it was a really refreshing sushi roll.

We ordered a sake sampler (which was all cold sakes) my favorite was the Shirakabegura Tokubetsu Junmai.

If you come here please order the Hamachi/ Yellow Tail that was also one of our favorites.

In the pictures you'll see we also got the Bento Box- crispy lobster, kobe satay, edamame dumplings, and chicken yahatamaki. And we got The "Marssa" with all soy paper, which is chef Fuji's specialty sushi and sashimi. It was so nice getting to try all these different bites, and when our waitress Natasha brought it out she knew everything that was in each of his specialties so again that made it more fun to try.

Last but not least we ordered ice cream and the chocolate lava for desert. Our dinner came with amuse-gueule of seared hamachi and at the end with chocolate lollipops.

We can't wait for patio dining to open up- the view of the lake is nice here and once the patio opens up it'll be even nicer. Lake Las Vegas is a drive if you live on the West side of town but trust me it's completely worth it and really nice break from the city!

Baked Brie with Honey

1 small brie cheese (approx. 6 inches)
4 tbs. apricot jam and/or honey
4 oz. toasted sliced almonds

Cut the rhine off of the top of the cheese only
Spread apricot jam or honey on top of cheese.
Bake at 300 degrees F. for approximately 12 minutes.
Sprinkle with toasted almonds and cook for another 5 to 10 min until cheese is bubbly.
Serve with crackers, grapes, or sliced apples.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Black Bear Diner (Shasta, CA) (Las Vegas, NV)

With a chain like this I really don't understand why anyone would ever choose denny's or ihop? While on a camping trip last September we went to the original black bear in Shasta, California. We have a black bear here in Las Vegas as well. There are actually quite a few on the west coast, I've also been to the one in Alturas, CA (which I heard was unfortunately closed?)

Black bear is home-cooking, diner style, food. I really like this place for breakfast! Again me with the cobbler, where there is cobbler you'll see me. I hope if you've never tired this place you'll give it a whirl, you won't be disappointed! The menu is huge!

Morgan's Country Kitchen (Florence, Oregon)

One of the most beautiful places I've ever been to, Florence Oregon. While camping at Adler Dunes last September My friend and I got tired of making everything "campfire" and lucky for us Morgan's Country Kitchen is right there on Highway 101. The sign outside says, "homemade cobbler" oh yes, we swerved right into parking. Cobbler happens to be my favorite dessert. On this trip I told my friend ahead of time, "Two things I must have on this trip and I'll be happy as can be; first I have to go to the sea lion caves, second; I must find peach cobbler." Guess what, that day turned out really nicely because I got both!
Oregon is famous for wild berries so if you come here maybe even order a berry cobbler instead. But for me, peach is my favorite!
I forgot the name of what I ordered but it was something like Morgan's Favorite Breakfast and it was a hashbrowns that had ortega chilies and lots of cheese. I love my potatoes, as you can see! My friend got waffles, bacon, and eggs, this along with their fresh coffee woke us right up.

Le Zodiac Cafe (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

This cafe fit right in with the unique-ness of a place like Santa Fe! I liked the selection of breakfast and lunch items here. This cafe is owned by french artisans.
Pictured here is a basic sugar and european butter crepe, I say sometimes simple is the best kind of delicious.
I ordered my Mom a croque monsieur, (Forest ham (or turkey), swiss cheese, and bechamel sauce.) Which was served with organic field greens. *Everything here was organic, natural, and/or locally grown.

Sedona Restarant & Lounge

The best appetizer. This place has my favorite appetizer in all of Las Vegas.
Ahi Tuna Chips- rare blackened ahi tuna, crispy wontons, asian slaw, citrus soy & wasabi oil.
Best part is this is still on the menu late, if you're hungry at two or three in the morning, this is a great place to stop and get a bite, because they are open till 4am.

RE Tapas

I love Tapas. I mean Love-Love them!.......
Wait, I'm not sure you understand,... I really love tapas!

Vegas is kind of sparse on restaurants and bars that serve authentic Spanish tapas. RE is one of the few exceptions. My friend Stacy loves this place for the Mojitos selections. Rest assure I'll be posting more pictures soon, these are just the ones I got from today. The goat cheese stuffed peppers are new on the menu, and also new on our favorites (those where so yummy!)
The beet salad is something we've ordered almost every time we've come. It's one of the less expensive items on the menu and we loved it as a "starter tapa" sense it's so refreshing and light. But they've changed the dish, it use to be a combination on different kinds of beets (which we all preferred better) but it's still completely worth ordering. The ricotta silata on top is what sets it apart from other beet salads I've had.
My most favored item on the menu is the blackened salmon tacos (these are packed with flavor, way more then you might expect)! Pictured here is the mahi mahi tacos which are also really good lighter more citrus flavor then the salmon tacos though.

Basil N' Lime

This is a great place to catch a bite! It's a little Thai restaurant on the west side of Las Vegas. Really cozy and clean inside. The best part is it's very reasonably priced. My favorite Thai dish anywhere, Tom Ka Gai (coconut chicken soup) is especially good here! Also pictured is the yellow chicken curry and some hot green tea.