Saturday, February 21, 2009

Morgan's Country Kitchen (Florence, Oregon)

One of the most beautiful places I've ever been to, Florence Oregon. While camping at Adler Dunes last September My friend and I got tired of making everything "campfire" and lucky for us Morgan's Country Kitchen is right there on Highway 101. The sign outside says, "homemade cobbler" oh yes, we swerved right into parking. Cobbler happens to be my favorite dessert. On this trip I told my friend ahead of time, "Two things I must have on this trip and I'll be happy as can be; first I have to go to the sea lion caves, second; I must find peach cobbler." Guess what, that day turned out really nicely because I got both!
Oregon is famous for wild berries so if you come here maybe even order a berry cobbler instead. But for me, peach is my favorite!
I forgot the name of what I ordered but it was something like Morgan's Favorite Breakfast and it was a hashbrowns that had ortega chilies and lots of cheese. I love my potatoes, as you can see! My friend got waffles, bacon, and eggs, this along with their fresh coffee woke us right up.