Saturday, February 21, 2009

RE Tapas

I love Tapas. I mean Love-Love them!.......
Wait, I'm not sure you understand,... I really love tapas!

Vegas is kind of sparse on restaurants and bars that serve authentic Spanish tapas. RE is one of the few exceptions. My friend Stacy loves this place for the Mojitos selections. Rest assure I'll be posting more pictures soon, these are just the ones I got from today. The goat cheese stuffed peppers are new on the menu, and also new on our favorites (those where so yummy!)
The beet salad is something we've ordered almost every time we've come. It's one of the less expensive items on the menu and we loved it as a "starter tapa" sense it's so refreshing and light. But they've changed the dish, it use to be a combination on different kinds of beets (which we all preferred better) but it's still completely worth ordering. The ricotta silata on top is what sets it apart from other beet salads I've had.
My most favored item on the menu is the blackened salmon tacos (these are packed with flavor, way more then you might expect)! Pictured here is the mahi mahi tacos which are also really good lighter more citrus flavor then the salmon tacos though.