Sunday, February 22, 2009


One of the best dining experiences I've ever had. This was my choice for Valentines Day diner.
This is how you know you had a good diner,...When there isn't one thing you didn't enjoy and everything you tried was really delicious. When it comes to sushi sometimes it's hard to have your taste buds surprised in a good way- this place did just that.
The service was what I wish every place to be like! Our sushi came out pretty fast. Our waitress, Natasha was really nice. When we asked what she liked best she didn't just say the most expensive items she mentioned a few different choices. Also every plate we ordered she knew what it was and explained the dish to us when she brought it out!

Chef Fuji offers sushi "classes" (sushi and sake sessions). Our dinner orders where so beautiful we're defiantly considering taking a class, I'm sure we'd learn a thing or two! I was reading online that chef Fuji is the only master sushi chef in all of Nevada (this may or may not be true).

One fact is that all of our fish was fresh, beautifully prepared, and delicious! The kobe beef short ribs where very savory. Our favorite item was the Tropical Salmon Sushi Roll: tuna, avocado, rolled with salmon, sliced mango, and a squeeze of lemon. The salmon and mango blended in both taste and texture so well, it was a really refreshing sushi roll.

We ordered a sake sampler (which was all cold sakes) my favorite was the Shirakabegura Tokubetsu Junmai.

If you come here please order the Hamachi/ Yellow Tail that was also one of our favorites.

In the pictures you'll see we also got the Bento Box- crispy lobster, kobe satay, edamame dumplings, and chicken yahatamaki. And we got The "Marssa" with all soy paper, which is chef Fuji's specialty sushi and sashimi. It was so nice getting to try all these different bites, and when our waitress Natasha brought it out she knew everything that was in each of his specialties so again that made it more fun to try.

Last but not least we ordered ice cream and the chocolate lava for desert. Our dinner came with amuse-gueule of seared hamachi and at the end with chocolate lollipops.

We can't wait for patio dining to open up- the view of the lake is nice here and once the patio opens up it'll be even nicer. Lake Las Vegas is a drive if you live on the West side of town but trust me it's completely worth it and really nice break from the city!